Road Antirriou – Ioanninon, Antirrio, Greece 30020

lot size 4,777 square meters, half mile from sea

The property for sale featured here is located just a half a mile walk to the sea. Close by the Port of Antirrio, it is served by ferries that carry traffic between the Peloponnese and northwestern Greece. The significance of the Port of Antirrio has decreased since the opening of the Rio-Antirrio bridge in 2004. It is still in use as a ferry port for hazardous cargo and by users attracted by the scenic route or the lower fare for crossing the Rio-Antirrio strait. Adjacent to the port there is a lighthouse and the fortress of Antirrio.

On the eastern pier of Antirrio port there is the Antirrio RTS (Regional Traffic Service) which is part of the national Vessel traffic service system of Greece (Officially called Vessel Traffic Management and Information System). The RTS of Antirrio includes a building with the necessary electronics/communication equipment and a sensors/radar mast of 20m height. On top of the mast there is a remotely controlled CCTV camera, VHF antennas and the antenna of the coastal surveillance and navigation radar GEM RT02-25D. (Antirrio – Wikipedia)

This land was our father’s and grandfather’s for many years. Our family decided to sell it to someone that loves Greece and this area where my sister and I were born, and is looking for land for sale in Greece or property for sale in Greece by the sea, in order to buy land in Greece and build his/her dream home. We live abroad and are not able to put this property to good use.

30 some olive trees surround this parcel of land. It comes with a perfect view of the Rio-Andirion Bridge, a wonderful sea view and mountain view. Also, it is located at less than 10-minute walk from the sea. If you’re looking to buy land in Greece, this is the perfect parcel to build a new home!

Location: Antirriou – Ioanninon, 30020 Antirrio, Greece | Εθνική Οδός Αντιρρίου – Ιωαννίνων, Αντίρριο, 30020 Αιτωλοακαρνανίας
38°20’18.9″N 21°44’41.7″E - - 38.338570, 21.744907

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Build a new home with a mountain and sea view

Nature lovers will be delighted by the natural beauty surrounding Frageika. The area is adorned with verdant hills, olive groves, and citrus orchards, offering plenty of opportunities for hiking, cycling, and exploring the scenic countryside. Additionally, nearby Mount Varasova provides a picturesque backdrop and attracts outdoor enthusiasts looking to conquer its trails.

Frageika is also known for its warm hospitality and vibrant local culture. Throughout the year, the town hosts various festivals and events that showcase Greek traditions, music, and dance. Visitors can immerse themselves in the local culture and experience the lively atmosphere that the town has to offer. The near by towns is where everyone gathers. Minutes from the sea, a peaceful place to live.

Whether you are seeking relaxation on the beach, explorations of ancient history, or outdoor adventures in nature, Frageika has something for everyone. With its stunning landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and warm hospitality, this Greek gem is truly a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered. Near-by town of Nafpaktos is a town and a former municipality in Nafpaktia, Aetolia-Acarnania, West Greece, situated on a bay on the north coast of the Gulf of Corinth.

Build a new home with a mountain and sea view

Frageika is a beautiful coastal town located in the western part of Greece, specifically in the Aetolia-Acarnania region. It is widely known for its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and breathtaking natural landscapes.
One of the highlights of Frageika is its magnificent beach, which stretches along the Ionian Sea. The beach offers golden sands and is surrounded by lush greenery, creating a picturesque setting for relaxation and leisure activities. Visitors can enjoy sunbathing, swimming, and water sports such as diving and snorkeling.


The town also boasts a charming harbor, where locals and tourists alike can take leisurely walks, enjoy fresh seafood at waterfront tavernas, or simply admire the colorful fishing boats bobbing in the water. The harbor area is particularly lively in the evening, with cafes and bars buzzing with activity.
Frageika is rich in history and culture. The town is home to several archaeological sites that reflect its ancient past, including the remains of the ancient city of Makyneia, which was an important center during the Mycenaean and Roman periods. History enthusiasts can explore these ruins and learn about the region's fascinating history.

Antirrio, often referred to as Rio-Antirrio

Antirrio, is a picturesque coastal town situated in western Greece, in the Aetolia-Acarnania region. It is widely recognized for its stunning bridge, historical landmarks, and mesmerizing waterfront.
The most iconic feature of Antirrio is undoubtedly the Rio-Antirrio Bridge, also known as the Charilaos Trikoupis Bridge. This architectural marvel connects the Peloponnese peninsula to mainland Greece, spanning the Gulf of Corinth. The bridge is not only a critical transportation link but also a symbol of engineering excellence, with its sleek design and impressive cable-stayed structure.
Antirrio itself is a charming town with a rich history. It is home to several notable archaeological sites, including the ancient city of Antirrion, which was an important port during the Roman and Byzantine eras. Exploring these ruins offers visitors a glimpse into the town's past and the chance to learn about its significance in ancient Greece. Some photos of Antirrio and near by town of nafpaktos.
The town's waterfront promenade is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. Here you can enjoy leisurely walks while soaking in the beautiful views of the Gulf of Corinth and the impressive bridge. The promenade is lined with restaurants, cafes, and shops, offering a wonderful opportunity to indulge in delicious Greek cuisine and discover local crafts and souvenirs.
Nature enthusiasts will appreciate the surrounding landscapes of Antirrio. The town is set against a backdrop of picturesque hills and verdant greenery, creating a peaceful and idyllic atmosphere. Visitors can explore the nearby Mount Panachaiko, with its hiking trails providing panoramic vistas of the region.
For beach lovers, Antirrio offers easy access to some stunning coastlines. A short drive away, you'll find beautiful sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters that are perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports.
Antirrio also hosts several festivals and cultural events throughout the year, allowing visitors to experience the vibrant local culture. From traditional music and dance performances to lively street markets, these festivities provide a glimpse into the authentic Greek way of life.
With its blend of natural beauty, historical significance, and modern infrastructure, Antirrio is a captivating destination worth exploring. Whether you're drawn to its remarkable bridge, its rich history, or its scenic surroundings, this charming town promises a memorable experience in Greece.


In its 3500 year history, from the descent of the Dorians to this day, Nafpaktos and the greater region have always played an important role in history as well as in culture. The founding of the ancient city is lost in the centuries, where it is hard to identify where myth ends and history begins.

The statue of Nike (victory) that was sculptured by Paionios of Mendi in Chalkidiki, was a dedication of the Nafpaktians and the Messenians after their victory over the Spartans in Sfaktiria in 421 B.C. It is considered to be a masterpiece of ancient Greek sculpture. The monumental statue is 10.92 meters tall and it represents the winged goddess, ethereal, radiant and full of life as she’s coming down of mount Olympus to announce the victory of the two allies. The thin cloak clings to her body thus one can see the perfect shaping of her body. It is the first time in the history of Greek sculpture where the illusion of flying is depicted. The wings, the cape as well as the face of the statue have been destroyed. The statue of Nike was found in 1875 in Olympia after archaeological excavations and it is exposed in the Olympia museum.

In the end of the 12th century B.C. the coastal city becomes affiliated with the Iraklidians (Dorians). It was in Nafpaktos where the Iraklidians built their ships to cross over to Peloponissos.

Nafpaktos’ strategic position in the Corinthian Gulf was the reason that made it “the apple of discord” among the powerful throughout history.

Ancient writings give us evidence that Nafpaktos was the centre of the dispute of ancient Greece and played a significant role in the Aetolian confederacy. Lokri, Athenians, Messenians, Achaeans, Thebans, Macedonians and Aetolians alternate in the city’s leadership throughout centuries.



We are selling these two properties because we live abroad. Our price is 180,000 euros for the land in Antirrio. The size of this lot is 4,777 square meters, the land in Frageika we are selling for 50,000 euros and the lot size is 1,295 square meters.
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